DarkChat Rules

  • DarkChat decisions are made by the DarkChat team. By logging into DarkChat, a DarkChat chat room, or any service owned by DarkChat, you assume that you agree to the rules and conditions implemented herein.
  • The term "user" or "member" includes any person or entity that orders and/or uses the service, as well as any person or entity acting on behalf of that person or entity with respect to the order and/or use of the service.
  • All actions are the responsibility of those who take them, thus the DarkChat team refuses the responsibility of those who use the services.
  • DarkChat is just a platform that acts as a forum or chat and does not check or evaluate members' intentions.
  • Users should use their own judgment in evaluating the qualifications / intentions and statements made by others. Any opinions expressed by a User belong solely to the User and should not be attributed to DarkChat. DarkChat cannot and does not assume responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, safety, timeliness, legality or enforceability of anything said or written by any User. There are risks of dealing with minors or people acting under false pretenses and identities. DarkChat cannot control the information provided by Users. Your information may be offensive, harmful, premature, inaccurate and / or misleading and therefore you agree to exercise caution, discretion and common sense when using the Service.
  • DarkChat is not a hospital, not a psychiatric ward, not any kind of medical clinic. It is not a specific service. It's just a chat platform used by people you don't know. Following the opinions you receive from other users can cause you serious problems. DarkChat refuses to be held responsible for the consequences of following these opinions. If you need medical help, legal advice, or any specific service, you should contact an official service provider. This is just a chat.
  • DarkChat reserves the right to modify the terms of use as well as discontinue the platform, ban members who violate the rule at all. If you do not agree to any of these rules, the only alternative is to terminate this agreement and stop using these services.
  • Authorized use of the Service is available only to persons who are at least 18 years old and who are otherwise capable of forming legally binding contracts under applicable law.

  1. The user must be over 18 years of age. DarkChat has no way of confirming the age of users, if you are not 18 years old, the use of this service will be at your own responsibility.
  2. Misuse of messages in chat rooms is not allowed, if you flood the chat room, you will look like a Bot and you will be banned.
  3. DarkChat will not ask users for personal information and/or credit card or banking information, if any user does so, please take a screenshot of the message and report directly to the Owner of DarkChat (user DarkAdmin) or send it to admin@darkadmin.top
  4. It is not allowed to share personal information.
  5. The user is not allowed to ask another user for personal information.
  6. No discussion is allowed in the rooms, which provoke hatred, which contain obscene comments, which contain threatening comments, which contain defamatory comments, which contain hateful comments, which contain racist comments.
  7. It is not allowed to share links or content such as images or banners, for the purpose of sponsoring or publicizing other services or other chats. Links are only allowed with the intention of sharing images, or with the intention of sharing media content, such as Youtube or Metacafe, or similar.
  8. The exchange of pornographic images must belong to your personal collection, which you have the right to distribute and not violate any copyright laws. Users must assume full responsibility for any uploaded images that violate the law.
  9. Each user will have full responsibility for the content they share, even if allowed on DarkChat.
  10. It is not allowed to share images that contain underage's or that appear to be underage's. Child pornography is not allowed. Under penalty of banishment and direct reporting to the authorities.
  11. The DarkTeam team (team of moderators and administrators), has total freedom, to eliminate content or messages from public rooms whenever there is a suspicion of violation of the rules.
  12. If a DarkTeam member suspects that a user has violated a rule, that user will be warned, there is no need for discussion, just follow the rules. If the mod deems necessary, the user will be banned.
  13. Users, will not be able to interfere with the work of the DarkChat team, DarkTeam exists to keep DarkChat a harmonious and pleasant place.
  14. The use of uppercase in the names of the rooms is not allowed.
  15. The owner / creator of the room, is totally responsible, for everything that happens there. He is the moderator, responsible for complying with the rules. DarkTeam does not have access to private rooms, so the owner of the room is responsible for the way they use it.
  16. If there is, a report of non-compliance with rules, too many times in a row, in private rooms, DarkTeam will have to act. Under these circumstances, DarkTeam has the right to enter the room, even if the room is private. And in the last case, DarkTeam can delete the room.

Whenever you are warned by a member of DarkTeam, talk to him, clarify doubts, and this way you will certainly not commit any non-compliance again.

Whenever a user breaks a rule, you can change it yourself and inform him that he is breaking the rules, for DarkChat to work properly.

We are all moderators, there is a great rule that is common sense, let's keep DarkChat clean and happy.

When using DarkChat, you assume that you agree with all of these rules, and you agree to comply with them.

DarkTeam is completely free to change the rules whenever it sees fit. Everything we do is for DarkChat to work properly.

If you encountered a problem with DarkChat, report it to DarkTeam. Please avoid negative criticisms, they are very demotivating for those who work.

Thanks for reading. And have fun, laughing gives you health!

Last change 04/07/2020