DarkCoins – Earn Money in DarkChat

DarkCoins - Earn money in DarkChat

Now, you can now earn real money on DarkChat, with DarkCoins. We convert your DarkChat activity into our virtual currency, DarkCoin. And you can convert it into real money.

Between 4/5/2021 and 4/15/2021, for each message in the Main Room you earn 3 DarkCoins!

The User has to have the account verified with a valid email, as it will be for that email that the conversion of DarkCoins will be paid in real money, via PayPal. The user can only have one account.

There are ways to win DarkCoins and there are ways to lose DarkCoins. When you win DarkCoins, they will be added to the two values, Total DarkCoins and Current DarkCoins. Total DarkCoins are all the DarkCoins you have. The current DarkCoins are the DarkCoins available for conversion to $ usd. When you convert DarkCoins to $ usd, it will be subtracted from the current DarkCoins, but it won’t be subtracted from the total DarkCoins. When you lose DarkCoins, they will be subtracted from both. When you request a conversion of DarkCoins to $ usd, the Admin will receive a notification and will proceed to the payment via Paypal. When this payment is made, you will receive a notification.

I remind you, it is necessary to have a valid email and have a Paypal account.

If you are not a Vip user, you can still purchase your User Vip status for 500K DarkCoins. Or if you are a Vip user, you can be Vip Gold.

DarkChat reserves the right to disable this function whenever necessary. Users will receive this information.In DarkCoins Wallet, in the Status tab (last tab on the right), it indicates the status of the system.

How to earn DarkCoins:

  • Chat message = 1 DarkCoin
    • Only in the rooms: Main Room; Just Fun; BDSM; Lesbian; Gays; Cuckold; Dating; VIPs; Quiz
  • Creating a public photo album = 1 DarkCoin
  • Adding a photo to a public album = 2 DarkCoin
  • Posts on friends wall = 1 DarkCoin
  • Create a story= 1 DarkCoin
  • Whenever a user registers and mentions you as a Inviter = 10 DarkCoin
    • Only in signup process.
  • Make a friendship = 1 DarkCoin
  • Hit 3 or more of the same numbers on the Scratch Card and win the amount you hit.
  • Hit the 3 same symbols on the Slot Machine. = 100 DarkCoins

How to lose DarkCoins:

  • For each time the user is silenced (muted) 100 DarkCoins will be removed.
  • For each time the user is kicked out, 250 DarkCoins will be removed.
  • If the user is banned, all points will obviously be removed.
  • Remove a photo from a public album, 50 DarkCoins will be removed.
  • Remove a public album, 100 DarkCoins will be removed.
  • Convert a public album to a private album, 100 DarkCoins will be removed

There are automatic systems for ban / kick / mute users. This will only depend on the behavior of each one.

How does the Scratch Card and Slot Machine work, and how are Users selected?

The Scratch Card and the Slot Machine appear at most twice a day. It is completely automatic and random.
How are users selected?
We select the list of online users in the Main Room at a completely random time, and we choose a user also at random. A popup automatically appears to that user where he can try his luck. This popup only appears once. Once closed, it won’t appear again. Unless it is selected again.

Any questions, doubts or reporting errors. you can use the DCforum.

Check Your DarkCoins Wallet:

For each 100K DarkCoins equals $ 1. Min to convert is 500k.

Scratch Card:

Slot Machine:

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